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About Us

It all started with a few simple ingredients, love, a simple dream, and a LOT of faith. We are a small farm with big heart and a warm hearth. We're always growing and trying new things. We are excited to welcome you to Norshire Farm!

We offer the following. If you don't see it on the list just ask!

An assortment of baked goodies are offered weekly. Special orders available upon request any day.

Homemade goodies include:

-Nisu (traditional braided sweet Finnish cardamom coffee bread)

-Korvapuusti (traditional sweet Finnish cinnamon rolls)

-Stuffed Nisu (stuffed with cinnamon  sugar, jams, jellies, or almond paste)

-Nisu star or Nisu wreath (Beautiful, edible, centerpiece & conversation starter)

-Orange chocolate chip cookies

-Breads (Sourdough, Rye, Wheat, Cornbread)

-Icing/Frosting (Served with Nisu/Korvapuusti)


Eggs from our own flock include:

-Chicken (white, brown, green, blue, speckled)

-Turkey (speckled)

-Duck (extra large white)

-Goose (Jumbo white)

-Guinea (speckled)

We offer a variety of hatching eggs and chicks, including French Toulouse Geese, Khaki Campbell Ducks, Olive Egger Chickens, Broad Breasted Turkeys, as well as barn yard mixes of chickens and ducks. 

Take a lesson or trail ride on one of our trained horses or donkeys. Western or English. Great for beginners and kids to seasoned showers. Horses are also available for lease. We also have stalls and pasture to board horses, partial (rough) or full board available. 

From beginner to experienced. Build confidence, body strength, and a wholesome lifetime hobby. Students are taught responsibility and hard work, by caring for the animals, feeding, cleaning stalls, brushing horses, tacking up and then breaking down and cleaning up after lessons, all around Horsemanship. 

​Limited boarding, Full and Half available.

Currently 4 horses available for full or partial on farm lease. Intermediate rider required.

Access to trails, rail trail, horse trailer also available for leased and boarded horses.

Email or call for more information and terms. 

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